Ideas are brewing…

I haven’t been here, I apologize for not giving notice for that. This year has already been more full of challenges than I was prepared for. 

But that’s the magic of life, isn’t it? 

And after a long lull, I’m feeling the stirring of creativity again. And I really want to pull that forward.

Ideas are flowing...
In the past, I’d feel the stirrings and then not focus on it only to lose all the cool ideas and excitement. 

Not gonna do that this time. I’m giving my creativity the space to grow, expand, and express. No distractions. Let it flow.

So I’m stepping away from social media and blog for awhile. Not sure how long. Don’t want to put that pressure on myself. 

I’ve got videos started and other ideas I want to explore. Will see what comes out in the world when I’m ready. 

I send you love and support in your creative process. I hope you give yourself the time and space to explore your creative ideas and expression.

Creative kisses, xx.


2 thoughts on “Ideas are brewing…

  1. Julie Le Carrer says:

    I feel the power behind fully making space for the creative to unfold and be birthed into the world. I can’t wait to see the magic and genius you will bring forth for us. Thank you for nurturing your light sister, it’s inspiring ♡

    • Heather L says:

      Wow, thank you so much, Julie! I’ll try not to feel intimidated by that. 😉 I’m learning how the space needs to happen & what needs to be put on hold to diminish distraction. Priorities. I love it when we all nurture our own light. You are a shining example of that dear sister. Much love ❤

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