Your Secret Garden, Find Beauty & Wonder

Where’s your secret garden?

From the story it’s meant to be a place of wonder, beauty, comfort, and possibility. Where your wounds are healed, your age is irrelevant, and you feel joy.

Hiking in the woods is mine.

I know you’re not surprised by this given my love of all things outdoors. Hiking is what I do to definitively find center and get back in my body when I’m stressed.

I breathe. I let go. And I play.

I listen. I open. And I feel.

The woods, especially in late autumn, are like a dream world to me. My feet feel the ground with roots and stones along the path and I start running. The crisp air chills my lungs and feels so refreshing.

Find Your Secret Garden

Shenandoah National Park. Front Royal, VA

And the walking clears my head. Hours spent following small blue blazes painted every so often on trees are hours I’ll always cherish. Those moments are still with me.

I used to play in the woods behind my house. For hours. Even in the snow. I never felt alone or lonely. There was always some adventure playing in my mind. The woods calmed me.

We all need our peaceful place. The place that allows your heart to open, that encourages you to let go of all the façades, responsibilities, and burdens. To be your true self.

Find Your Secret Garden

Shenandoah National Park. Front Royal, VA

Your own secret garden away from the noise of every day life. Where you can laugh like a carefree child and heal your wounds.

Maybe it’s your bathroom where you can take long luxurious baths. Or a neighborhood track where you can run for miles.

Maybe it’s a park nearby. A coffee shop where you can chill out uninterrupted. Your car where you can hear beautiful music or centering podcasts.

Where ever it is, use it. Especially as the tension of the holidays builds. Take the time. Honor yourself. Grow beautiful roses in that garden.

Creative kisses, xx.

P.S. Join me in the 31 days of love in December on Instagram. Use #31lovedecember and be sure to tag me!


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