1 Activity To Bring Out The Kid In You

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What’s one activity to bring out the kid in you (and destress from holiday madness)?

Climbing Trees.

When was the last time you climbed a tree? I never grew out of this. And frankly super happy about that.

Everyone, you need to do this if you’re able.

Put it as number 1 on your summer to do list if it’s too cold now. Though a good pair of gloves and long undies are perfect for outdoor adventures in winter. It’ll put you in touch with your inner child to climb a tree again (or for the first time). 

Yes, I have an obsession with trees. I love putting my hands on them. So many years of doing hands on bodywork brought out the tactile in me.

Different textures of the bark. The coolness. Solidity without being rigid. And a different energy than anything else. Trees are something outside of spacetime.

Brings me to a calmer & more connected place. Hikes in the woods I always take a few moments along the way to connect with them  People laugh at me but I don’t care.

Take the time to breathe and slow down.

I also think most trees love to be climbed. Maybe because it does bring out the child in us. The playful side. And who doesn’t love some playfulness? Some giggles?

There are some perfect climbing trees near me and I took a few minutes to see how high I could go. They’re not big trees. But it was funny because I kind of got stopped midway up.

Not because I couldn’t go up further. I know I can go further.

But because I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t strong enough. I’m not sure why I think I should be able to swing through trees with the strength of a gymnast or like an orangutan?? So weird…

Bit of a mindset shift needed. So now I want to get to the top of one of these trees. It will happen because I’ll keep at it.

In the meantime, enjoy this awkward video of me climbing and swinging. And remembering what it’s like to climb a tree.

Do you have a tree near you that you want to climb? Go do it! See how you feel after.

Creative kisses, xx.


One thought on “1 Activity To Bring Out The Kid In You

  1. Julie Le Carrer says:

    I love the idea that trees love to be climbed on because of the connection with the inner child’s spirit! And thank you for sharing your love of trees, I do too. I still feel self-conscious in parks when connecting with a tree, I mostly do it when no one is around, but I am practicing keeping at it even with passers by. Each time I realize I wasn’t struck by lightning or anything, people don’t really care! 🙂
    Beautiful video, full of joy and vitality!

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