Love for December: A Challenge and Practice

Love, December.

Been thinking about how important is to be grateful. Give thanks for all we have. Definitely.

But sometimes… that feels a bit like someone is ‘should-ing’ on me. Telling me I ‘should’ be grateful because otherwise I’m bad. Telling me to compare myself to those who have less than me and appreciate that I’m not as bad off as them. Not as wonderful a feeling.

And I realized that what I really want to do is love. When I love, I’m incredibly grateful. The gratitude comes from love. The love comes from deep within my heart and feels deep, full, and authentic. And not at the expense of anyone else.

Expansive. Inviting. Bright. Hopeful. Aware. Encompassing. Connected.

I decided to make a list of all the things I love.

As I was writing this list, I noticed I was smiling. And there was some joy that hadn’t been around in awhile. Some giggles as I thought about the all the things in life that I truly love.

During my run this morning I was thinking about it again and again I had a big smile on my face. Extra spring in my step. Pretty amazing vibes.

And I felt completely outside of all the chaos the holiday season brings. Yet I was connected… not alone. Joyful, grateful, playful. All the things this time of year is supposed to be about but rarely is.

So I decided this year will be different. I’ll do my best to stay unplugged from the chaos and focus on the love. Encourage others to see love, too. Make this a full month of love.

Which led me to start a challenge: 31 days of Love, December. #31lovedecember

Each day this month I’ll post one of the things from my list of loves. Please join in using the hashtag: #31lovedecember on Instagram . Love practice every day!

I’d love to know if doing this helped ease some of your stress from this season. Maybe we’ll do it again next year if it did.

Here we go…

1 December.

My birthday. Yup. I love having this day as my birthday. It’s the perfect month long transition to feel in to my desires for the year ahead. And it’s a great reason to pause, refocus, and ground into breath.

This year I’ve done a lot of energy work, refocusing, and releasing old stories and I’m ready to celebrate. I’m taking responsibility for my happiness and creating a day of joy.

Today I celebrate the woman I’ve been and the woman I’m becoming. I celebrate being part of this amazing world at this time and space. I celebrate everything that has brought me here now. I celebrate surviving, and even thriving. I celebrate being alive and well.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Now it’s your turn. What’s first on your list of loves?

Creative kisses, xx.


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