1 Key To Get You Through The Holidays

1 key to get you through the holidays?

Move it baby. That’s it. Simple.

Yes, do meditation, read some books, skip the pies, eat fruit and veggies instead, take baths and do the self care things that feel good. Do all of that or a few of those. Whatever works.

But no matter what, you gotta move. Unless you move for a living and then maybe you need a little rest. Lie down, breathe, chill.

For the rest us, it’s time to get up and out. Sitting at a computer all day, driving everywhere, no time to take a walk unless it’s to let the dog out for a quick pee. Sitting, sitting, sitting…

And then stuffing, stuffing, stuffing food. Ugh.

Doesn’t have to be a 90 minute ashtanga yoga session, either. That may be one of my favorite ways to reconnect and detox but it’s not a daily occurrence.

Want something easy to remember? Try the 50’s song, Shake Rattle and Roll.

Shake your body. Arms, legs, feet, hips, shoulders. Disperse the tension. Send it out.

Rattle. Maybe a more intense shake. Bit of a jostling motion can wake you up.

Roll. Especially your shoulders and head if you’ve been at the computer (or painting, or writing, or knitting, or on your phone…) all day.

And don’t forget to breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Why we doing this? Digest food, ease the tension that holidays seem to create in abundance, breathe better (more oxygen to the brain means clearer thoughts), and be present in your body.

Let’s do this together. A 3.03 minute loosen up and reset. You need only enough room to swing your arms. Don’t be shy. I did this with my neighbors watching.

No technique needed except pull your belly in for support of your whole body.

This is meant to be very easy and gentle on the body. Don’t do something that hurts or is beyond your range of motion. And make sure you’re hydrated.

Apologies for poor sound quality. What I’m doing is more important than what I’m saying.

How do you feel? A little more space for your lungs to breathe? A little energy moving through your body? Or maybe a bit more settled and grounded?

Good. Off you go. Don’t forget your water.

Creative kisses, xx.


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