Painting again!

It’s been awhile.

As I was reading this morning (almost done with Playing Big!) I had a calling to do some painting and brush lettering calligraphy. It’s an idea I’ve had many times before but today I buckled down and did a bunch of test sheets.

I picked colors I’ve been drawn to lately, hot pink (which is primary red but looks hot pink to me), deep purple, navy blue, ultramarine blue, and white. Oh and a little turquoise but that got pretty well covered over.

Felt so good to get paint on my hands again.

Did a few layers, a few designs. Just playing with ideas.

Once I had to let the paint dry I moved on to brush lettering. I’ve tried this before but had a hard time manipulating the brush in the directions needed to form letters. Feels so different than a dip pen.

Back in the 90’s while I was living in New York making my way as a modern and ballet dancer I worked for The Learning Annex on the Upper East Side. They used to do some whacky classes but some were interesting and even fun.

The calligraphy class I took there is still one of my favorite classes of all time.  It was my introduction to the world of hand lettering. Using markers and pens with italic nibs we learned the basics of lettering.

The teacher taught us how to hold the pen, what angle to hold it to form different strokes and then connect them, how to space between letters and lines, layout, design, how to decorate adding special touches of gold, glitter, stamps and we even made a pop-out card. It was super fun, super creative.

She also showed us amazing examples of professional calligraphy from formal invitations to art work for books. It definitely triggered an obsession.

That year I created homemade holiday and birthday cards for my family and they turned out great! I was so excited about them and everyone loved getting something hand made.

That’s the feeling I’m creating with today’s calling to paint. The fun and excitement of creating with something specific in mind to bring to life.

I’ll keep working on these because I have a few other ideas and I really want to get better at both brush and nib pen calligraphy.

Anything you’re practicing right now? Rekindling a lost form of creative love?

Creative kisses, xx


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