Artful Thursday + 3rd Canvas + First Painting Class

Started this canvas in week 3 (I think) of Bloom True. Part of me really liked it at the first layer. But I kept going.

The next 3 -5 layers.



And my obsession with copper continues…


And changed it up again.



As much as I liked the burgundy color I felt it had to go a different direction. So added white and it mixed with the dry burgundy to make a lavender.

IMG_3462A happy accident I suppose.

I’ve decided to call it I Have No Clue Where This Is Going or IHNCWTIG for now. May go with a dreamy feel… Or not. Will see.

Where have your I’m Not Sure Where This Going moments taken you lately?


7 thoughts on “Artful Thursday + 3rd Canvas + First Painting Class

  1. Lightheart says:

    Great documentation of your process Heather :D. Really interesting how it changes and evolves. I love that dreamy feel of it with purple. Keep up with the process ;).Lots of love ❤

  2. roguesandpark says:

    I totally understand about falling in love with a specific layer or colour and knowing that you’ll probably paint over it. This is the artist life!

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