Artful Thursday + First Painting Class + 2nd Canvas


This is where I left off last time.

Did a bunch of painting today and it felt great! Added some paint to a third canvas that I’ll show another time, did some art journaling, and another layer to a paper piece I’m working on.

As for turquoise, been considering what to do for the bloom and still haven’t come up with anything.

Thought about an orb so paracticed that…

Decided that really didn’t feel right and would seem to come from nowhere. Also thought about painting a moon but that doesn’t seem like where the painting is going either.

So I refocused and made subtle changes to the rest of her. Added copper mixed with turquoise and white to the 2 corners with dots. Then added some of that mix to the right side below the top circle.

A touch of white to the circles and finally a bit of the copper/turquoise/white to the smaller bloom. Felt like it was standing out and not in a way I wanted so it’s toned down now.

Pretty much just bringing in some balance.  Will see what happens next.

Have you had some fun with painting lately?


2 thoughts on “Artful Thursday + First Painting Class + 2nd Canvas

  1. Heather L says:

    Thank you, Nina! Such helpful suggestions. I hadn’t thought of the copper and how it turns turquoise but I’ve always loved those shades. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll keep listening and gently moving and see what happens. 🙂 Big hugs!!

  2. Lightheart says:

    Hi dear ,
    I think that turquoise orb is really cool and glowing it just needs to “sit “somewhere a space or an abstract landscape -just let your brush guide you the way;). In the second painting there is gentle movement everywhere and a softness and balance in the shapes, colours and tones. A chill out painting that griunds you with its nice rusty turquoise combo – do you know those old copper roofs that have all these turquioise shades? – It reminds me of that 🙂

    Have a beautiful saturday and see you soon ❤
    Hugs Nina ❤

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