Artful Thursday + Week #5 con’t + First painting class

At this stage I started to look at the balance of the images and think about how I wanted to pull it together. Was also thinking about what I wanted to see and what I like in the piece.


I didn’t do a whole lot to this, just added some white and a tiny bit of very vibrant purple, as well as a bit more turquoise.

It’s kind of hard to not fall back on copying Flora’s imagery but I’m really working on creating my own while being inspired by her methods.


I didn’t take a picture for each bit I added on this one because it’s now the canvas I’m focusing on. I’m making small changes each time so that I don’t “paint the fence” and just cover everything.

It needed the contrast of white, the warmth of the burgundy and peach, and the depth of black.

It’s a real challenge to get onto canvas what my body is trying to say. There needs to be an element of movement and almost manipulation but that seems too heavy a word.


I kept feeling vibration, swirling, and movement. This energy being released from the figure. The process of processing, altering, and letting go. A little bit of chaos in the mix, because isn’t there usually a little chaos in life?


2 thoughts on “Artful Thursday + Week #5 con’t + First painting class

  1. Lightheart says:

    I love when things emerge and become clearer. The vibrant colours are really beautiful with the more earthy colours and make a nice contrast.
    Keep going and exploring 🙂

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