Artful Thursday + Week #4 con’t + First painting class

I decided to label this Week #4 because I’m now adding more than 1 or 2 layers each time so am up to something like 7 or 8 layers. And this is still part of the 4th week of class.


This one was fun because I bought some paint in a color I love, turquoise. Seems like this color is super popular right now, which is why I hesitated to use it. But I’ve always loved it, especially turquoise the stone, which could partly be because my grandparents used to bring me jewelry from Arizona.

Anyway, I really like seeing the layers peek through now, there’s some depth forming.


This one still hasn’t clicked with the colors for me even though I do like the light blue and yellow, with a touch of orange and red. I struggled with what and how much to cover and how to work with what works, as Flora has said several times.

It’s hard to see in this pic but I also did a little splatter paint a la Jackson Pollock. Doing the splattering is so fun I actually find myself giggling. I wonder if Pollock ever got in fits and giggles while he was working.


2 thoughts on “Artful Thursday + Week #4 con’t + First painting class

  1. Lightheart says:

    So great when you are having fun during the process Heather ❤ and yes I love splattering as well ;). I can't get enough of the turqouise and Neo colours at the moment- but this green colour is so very special to me as well. I always adored the Native American Jewelery from Arizona and I used to own a few pieces from my visit back in 1998. This colour is so refreshing like a swim in the ocean and soothes the soul ;).

    • Heather L says:

      I’m inspired by the fun you have in your work, Nina! I’m also fascinated and drawn to a reverence for the earth, which is what speaks to me in the turquoise jewelry. Thanks for checking the blog out. 🙂

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